The Issues

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Listen, Protect, Serve.

Our Mission

To rebuild the trust of Shiawassee County citizens. With more of a police presence (road patrol), our county will be a much safer community. In return, more businesses will want to build in the county bringing more jobs. More families will see the county to be safe to raise their children and be involved. In returning with a strong police presence, our economy will have a secure foundation to flourish economically.

The Budget

Balanced & Effective

Our Mission

To be 100% transparent with the community, to show the citizens the actual budget. To stop frivolous spending, most importantly call for an audit of all money and properties where it was spent, where it went, who is given to, and why. Let's show the community what we truly have to work with to rebuild this county and the trust of the citizens.

Our Officers

Build Higher Standards

Our Mission

Officers, corrections, and administrative staff will be held at the highest standards of excellence. Any illegal or immoral acts will be dealt with swiftly, and according to the letter of the law. I will always stand with corrections officers and deputies so long as they perform duties in a respectful manner and with professionalism, without breaking the law.

Justice for All

Equal Treatment

Our Mission

  • Every citizen in this county will be treated with respect and professionalism
  • No favoritism to any citizen or business
  • Nobody is above the law, including the Sheriff



I welcome the opportunity to work as the Sheriff of Shiawassee County. When elected, I will bring my experience and knowledge that I have gained over many years in various leadership positions. When elected as Sheriff of Shiawassee County, I will work tirelessly to use my position to be an example of leadership. I will work to serve and protect all of the people of Shiawassee County. Some of my objectives will be; listen to the citizen’s concerns and take action when needed, work within the budget to get more hours of road patrol for these cities, villages, and townships.

  • Corunna, Durand, Laingsburg, Ovid (partial), Owosso, and Perry
  • Bancroft, Byron, Lennon (partial), Morrice, New Lothrop, and Vernon
  • Antrim, Bennington, Burns, Caledonia Charter Township, Fairfield, Hazelton, Middlebury, New Haven, Owosso Charter Township, Perry, Rush, Sciota, Shiawassee, Venice, Vernon and Woodhull Township.

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